Evžen Štekl: The Power of Wisdom

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Dear friends,

allow us to offer you the text of the second edition of Evžen Štekl's book The Power of Wisdom. This work acquaints the reader with the buddhistic Kundalini Yoga and causes a basic upheaval in regarding the conception of the spiritual practice. It takes a detailed look at the phenomenon of chakras building on the practice of its exercises. The people interested in esoteric sciences get in their hands a work, that reveals - through its dedication - the until now unknown or secretized knowledge. It has a strong inspiring power showing in a clear and methodic way the opportunity to start on the path to the highest knowledge.

A real advantage of this book is its autenticity. The author was a direct and a long-term disciple of the patriarch of Czech buddhism, Mr. František Drtikol (1883-1961), who was also a world famous photographer.

The book is divided into three parts:

The first part: Memories to the great Arahat

It brings the evidence of the everyday work and life of František Drtikol including the discussion recorded by the author. It shows the teaching beginning with the theory of dharmas over the dependent arising up to achieving nirvana.

The second part: Kundalini Yoga - practice

It specifies the fact that Kundalini Yoga can be exercised well along with the classical buddhistic path - that is besides other things watchfulness and a clear mind, and the whole range of Buddha's teachings. It shows a detailed practical introduction for exercising the chakras, leading to the full awakening of the Snake Power (Kundalini) and therefore to the Awakening. It talks about the sexual behaviour, the end of man's life or the spiritual way of healing.

The third part: Appendix

It contains parts of the most important buddhist texts and also a pictorial and photographic documentation.

Titles of some chapters: The path of truth, wisdom and light. On the dreams. A shining teaching. Kundalini Yoga - introduction into the exercising of chakras - practice. On the sex from the viewpoint of Kundalini Yoga. On self-healing and healing at all.

At the end allow us to add one little part of the text (page 98):

Not to believe it is a mistake, because this book handles true things. To believe is also a mistake - because the belief is blind. Buddhism is an instruction to handle - to follow some regular inner process with the aim of reaching the Truth. That is impossible without the work on oneself. So: Not to believe or unbelieve, but to want to get convicted with the help of work on oneself - that is one of the basic aspects of buddhism, correctly understood and carried out. Therefore: Not to believe, but t o k n o w !

The book has 168 pages, a photographic appendix, tables and illustrations.

If you are interested more in this book, or if you would like to think about its publication in your country (the author rights will be passed without any royalty claims), feel free to contact us HERE, please, for any others questions or informations.